Our coaching staff is comprised of an experienced and caring group of people who want to help you meet your fitness goals.

Crossfit Gym in Chennai
KAY SCHUEMANN – Big Chief and Head Coach
  • Certified CrossFit trainer
  • Professional gymnast
  • American football player
  • 8 year practitioner of jiu-jitsu

Kay is the industrial-strength glue that holds all facets of Oval Crew together. A no-nonsense, hardcore coach who would give military generals a run for their money. He insists on punctuality, pushing your limits, and wearing a ‘shark smile’ after you’ve done 100 burpees and deadlifted seventy kilos.

He is a mentor-motivator in the truest sense of the term. A session with Kay is Oval Crew’s baptism by fire.

Crossfit Gym in Chennai
 YOHANNAN JOHN – Coach and founder
  • Second Dan black belt, Budokai Martial Arts
  • Certified CrossFit trainer
  • Certified fitness trainer from the Indian Institute of Sports Medicine
  • Specialist in unarmed combat, weapon training self-defense and close-quarter fighting
  • Trained in Shotokan Karate, Goju Ryu, Togakure Ryu and Aikido
  • Trained by traditional weightlifters in Olympic lifting
  • Trained members of the special forces NSG -SAG 51, 4th PARA, Cadets from the OTA, Rajasthan Police and Gujarat Police

With 22 years of experience and counting, Yohan’s rationale for starting Oval Crew was pretty straight forward. “I kept thinking, if an Army guy can be so fit, why can’t a civilian guy? Fit enough to face sudden challenges in a changing environment, fit enough to take on any rigor life might suddenly throw at you, fit enough to be disaster ready. Fitness is combination of  stamina, strength, flexibility, and skill. And this four-fold structure is at the core of how we approach our training at Oval Crew.”



Sudhir has been with Oval Crew since it began at Besant Nagar in 2012. He’s been forged in the Oval Crew training and method along with his Karate training and experience as a football player. He is a strong group motivator and works with individuals within in the group who need help with  rectifying posture, form and technique.

Crossfit Gym in Chennai


  • Yoga Practitioner
  • Self -Trained Fitness Practitioner

Meli is Oval Crew’s very own superwoman, a powerhouse of boundless energy and iron-clad stamina.  She heads the training and coaching of beginners and those at the intermediate level at Oval Crew. She is a natural teacher who works individually with each person during a session, doing the exercises along with you, continuously encouraging and inspiring you to push your limits. Your introduction to weight training and the rigor of a cross-fit regimen begins with Meli.

GURU – Coach

  • Professional Weight Lifter

Guru is our strongman, the Oval Crew record holder for bench press and back squats. He pays special attention to how you execute your weight training skills, and is always ready to help you rectify and correct your technique. He also helps to modify a method and tweak it to suit those at an intermediate or beginners level. During a workout, Guru will also be quick to gently remind you to stop working your jaw muscles and concentrate instead on working your core, biceps, forearms and quads.

RAJIV and EROS – Assistant Coaches

Our assistant coaches are our extra, reinforced  pillars of support. They have been trained and tempered by the no-compromise rigor and discipline of Oval Crew. They have put in a ton of time, training and effort, and now help our coaches train the new members of the Oval Crew family.