Our expert Personal Trainers are on hand to get you where you want to go. Always there to help you learn, train and improve each time you visit.

Feels so good to work out with such a supportive, friendly, and focused group. There is such a good feel to the work outs, with a sense of achievement, and so much encouragement. Such a fun and happy way to be getting fit again!

I joined Oval Crew last year November and I don't never would have thought I would get up at 4.50 am to join a bootcamp. I was never challenged this much and I never thought I was able to do or lift as much as I did. Every time I thought I couldn't do anymore sets I did with the support from the whole Oval Crew!
Yohan created new work out of the day that were challenging but never impossible! It was fun, hard and near impossible but afterwards I felt great for the rest of the day!!
Oval Crew focusses on strength, coordination, skills and cardiac fitness. Every work out combined the right combinations and every time a different area was focussed on. It has great supportive members who really care and stimulate each other to do better and to keep going!
I can highly recommend Oval Crew to anyone and I still miss Oval Crew and Yohan!!

The best place to workout in a group.Everyday i learn about the existence of a new muscle in my body.It is 1 to 1.5 hours of rigorous endurance,strengthening and skill building training!

I have been a part of Oval Crew for about two years now. Every time I come home on break from college, it is the perfect way for me to keep fit and challenge myself. It truly gives back what you put in - challenging you to be better than you were yesterday. The group setting is fun and fellow members and the coaches help to motivate you to push yourself to the limit. I'll be back in Chennai in a year and I am looking forward to more workouts with the crew!

Ran Kanchipuram Half marathon on July 30. Very happy with the way my body responded during the race and extremely satisfied with how quickly my body recovered after my race. In my previous outings, it took me almost 3-4 days for the stiffness in legs and my body to feel at ease. The difference this time though is 3 months of Ovalcrew strength and endurance training - each workout is designed with so interestingly and with so much variety that I always eagerly wait for the next class.