Can you carry a two-and- half-year- old up four flights of stairs and not be wiped out? Can you go on 3 km hike wearing a 6 kg back pack and not be winded? If a 20 kg log of wood was blocking your path, could you move to the side of the road without throwing your back out? Can you lift a stuffed cardboard carton place it in a loft without injuring your shoulder? When you carry fully-laden shopping bags from your car to your home do your elbows joints feel like they’re coming apart? These are a few real world challenges that we all encounter in the normal course of life. The question is, how does your body respond in your current state of fitness? Getting your body in prime condition requires working out regularly, with specifically created exercise modules to build strength, improve the suppleness of your movements, and ultimately up your stamina.

What we do at Oval Crew is strengthen and develop our skeletal muscles through different drills using a combination of free weights, weight stacks, dumbbells, kettle bells and barbells. This is combined with constantly varying athletic units — like skipping double-unders, burpees, mountain climbers and resistance runs. A ‘skill of the day’ segment focuses on learning and re-visiting specific weight training units. All of this begins with a pre-workout, warm-up stretch module and ends with a post-workout cool down stretch.